Friday, March 23, 2012

Two Cruise Ship Passengers Arrested and Fined By Domincans for Indecent Exposure on Homosexual Tour

March 22, 2012 - According to reports, two cruise ship passengers on a "Gay Cruise", were arrested and fined for indecent exposure. According to reports two California men were arrested and pled guilty of indecent exposure charges in court in Dominica.

The men who were each fined $2,400 are identified as John Robert Hart and Dennis Jay Mayor. The men were reported by someone who saw them having sex on the balcony of a cruise ship off the Caribbean island coast. According to Dominican authorities two men having sex is illegal and the men were initially charged with sodomy. The charges were lowered, authorities said, because it would take to long to complete the case.

Hart and Mayer were onboard the Celebrity Summit cruise ship at the time of the incident, along with 2,000 other passengers. The ship left Puerto Rico on Saturday and reached Dominica on Wednesday. The two California men were left by the cruise ship that was heading to St. Barts, while they were held at police headquarters in Dominica.

According to Atlantis Events CEO, Rich Campbell, the incident was unfortunate, but did not affect any of the other passengers onboard the ship. Atlantis Events organized the gay cruise that Hart and Mayer were on.

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